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27c3a1_aa28cdd095da7f3327d7829dff11ae75Chiropractic adjustments (or manipulations) are specific manouvers used by chiropractors to release joints that aren’t moving as well as they are able to. This occurs when the spine is out of alignment, and ensures that the joints, muscles, ligaments and most importantly, the nerves of the spine are functioning the best they can.

Adjustments used at Northern Beaches Chiropractic include low force procedures such as drop table, activator and biomechanical blocking. With low force adjustments, you will not typically hear the ‘cracking’ noise made by a manual adjustment as these techniques are a bit more gentle, and their effects can be a bit more subtle.

Manual adjustments (pictured above) are the ‘typical’ chiropractic adjustments where are sometimes able to hear a cracking noise coming from the joint as it moves. This noise is not actually bones cracking as many people believe, but it is actually the sound of a vacuum bubble popping in the joint fluid as the joint is put under negative pressure during the stretch leading up to the adjustment.

The aim of the adjustment (both low force and manual) is to release stress which has built up in the structures of the joint causeing it to become misaligned. This can occasionally (not often!) cause pain as the adjustment is being performed, as there can sometimes be inflammation in and around the joint.