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Neck Pain

dreamstime_xl_8341440Normal function of the cervical spine is essential for all the activities we do, day to day. Neck pain can make life a misery and can begin in any of the structures of the neck. It may be:

  • A soft tissue problem affecting muscles or ligaments
  • A problem with the discs or the facet joints between neck vertebrae
  • A problem with irritation or compression of nerves in the cervical spine

Whatever the cause, neck pain can be completely debilitating; episodes tend to recur, causing a lot of worry and anxiety about the ability to continue with daily activities and the need to take time off work. If neck pain is a problem for you, Chiropractic can help.

Please call the clinic now on 4774 2184 and arrange an appointment to discuss the treatment options and alternatives our team can offer. The conservative care we provide, combined with some gentle exercises you can do at home is very effective in resolving the problem of pain that has a biomechanical cause.

Why Is Neck Pain So Common?

The cervical spine comprises seven vertebrae forming a narrow column supporting a twelve-pound weight, our head. Our posture has a big effect on the forces exerted on our cervical spine, one of the reasons why neck pain is more prevalent among office workers.

Almost 70% of us can expect to experience neck problems at some time in our lives. More and more of us have office jobs that require looking at a computer screen for long periods. Almost all of us have mobile phones and tablets that necessitate neck flexion to text, play games and stay in touch with friends and colleagues.

Other Problems Arising From Neck Pain

Irritation or compression of the nerves in the cervical spine that supply the face and head can cause referred pain in both these areas and cause headaches that can be debilitating.

Tension in the muscles of the cervical spine, for example during periods of stress can also cause headache.

Spinal misalignments can put strain on vertebral discs, joints, muscles and ligaments. This can result in restricted mobility, feelings of numbness, tingling or weakness in the shoulders arms and hands. Sometimes, ringing in the ears can also be a problem.

How Chiropractic Can Help

For patients visiting Northern Beaches Chiropractic who have neck pain, treatment begins with a patient history followed by a check for spinal misalignments, (biomechanical problems), corrected using Chiropractic adjustments. A postural assessment will enable the Chiropractor to use gentle muscle release techniques on the problem areas and advise on exercises to do at home to help with recovery.

In addition, depending on the cause of the problem, advice on lifting, workplace ergonomics and general advice on posture may be given.

Self Help For Neck Pain Sufferers

Here are three simple things you can do to reduce your risk of neck pain or a recurrence.

  • Get advice on workplace ergonomics. Minor adjustments to the height of chair, desk and computer screen can make major improvements in posture and remove a lot of the strain on the neck.
  • Use a headset for phone calls. Do not balance the phone between shoulder and ear to take notes!
  • Choose a mattress and pillow combination that enables the spine to remain as aligned as possible during sleep.

The gentle, Holistic approach at Northern Beaches Chiropractic can help patients to get out of pain, improve the mobility and range of motion in the neck and resolve any associated problems they may be experiencing. Don’t put up with neck pain, call us today on 4774 2184.