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What is Chiropractic?

27c3a1_a322a577a63061984abced4afdfc7290Chiropractic is a ‘complementary medicine’ which is focussed on removing stress on the body so that it may function at its optimum level. The stress placed on the body can be the result of a specific injury, or, as is more often the case, it may be stress that has built up over time due to our day to day lives. It can be caused by physical, emotional or chemical factors, and is usually a combination of all three.

Although chiropractors do treat the whole body, their main focus is on the spine. This is because the spine protects the spinal cord, which sends nerves to and from the brain to the body, to control all the pain signals, muscle movements, hormone releases- everything that happens in your body! They use chiropractic ‘adjustments’, soft tissue therapies (eg massage and stretch) and joint mobilisations to ensure that joints of the spine are moving and aligned correctly. In this way, chiropractors are ensuring that the pathways from the brain to the body and from the body back to the brain are as clear as possible.

So chiropractic is not just about relieving back pain, it is a ‘holistic’ therapy aimed at helping your whole body to function the best it can.

What to expect during your visits

Initial consultation: Cost $90, Duration 20-30 mins
Before you come into the consultation, you will fill out a patient information/history questionnaire. Please answer these questions as honestly and completely as you can.

During the appointment itself, your chiropractor will ask you a few more questions and then do a comprehensive assessment suited to your particular case. In the majority of cases you will receive treatment during the first appointment so that you don’t have to wait in pain for your next appointment.

Report of Findings: Cost $80, Duration 20-30 minutes
If you have been referred for x-rays, your 2nd appointment will be a ‘report of the findings’ in which your chiropractor will spend some time going through your case, explain any x-ray findings and provide treatment.

Regular consultation: Cost $53, Duration 10-15 mins
Your chiropractor will have a quick chat with you about how you have been going since your last adjustment and you will receive some treatment. In most instances you will receive treatment to your whole spine, however if there is a particular area that requires more attention then we can just focus on that too.

Dry Needling: Cost $80, Duration 30mins.
This session includes dry needling of one area as well as a normal chiropractic treatment. Please advise us prior to your appointment if you require more than one area to be needled as this requires more time.

Please note that for your convenience we have a Hicaps machine available.

How long before you start to feel results

Everyone reacts differently to all types of physical therapy and chiropractic is no exception. Some people feel results immediately after their first adjustment while others need a few adjustments to notice any difference. Factors such as the length of time the problem has been around for, the reason it came about, your lifestyle, your job, your general health and your genetics all effect how chiropractic treatment will help your body to recover from injury and stress.

Our chiropractors usually recommend you have at least 3 adjustments to notice any change to your condition, particularly if it something that has been going on for a long time.