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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

In light of the escalating situation regarding COVID-19, we just wanted to address a few concerns you may have:

✅ we are still open! The government have deemed Allied Health an essential service and as such, we will continue to operate to help reduce musculoskeletal cases to GP’s and hospitals. We are paying very close attention to infection rates in Townsville, should local transmission become an issue, we will act accordingly.

✅ Due to government advice, Massage appointments have been cancelled for the foreseeable future ☹️

✅ if you're using private health, we have single use sanitized pens so you can sign your HICAPS receipts.

✅ we will no longer be accepting cash payments, and would prefer you to use contactless methods of payment or again, swipe/insert your own card.

we have taken measures to follow new social distancing regulations by limiting the amount of people in the waiting room at any one time. When you arrive in the clinic, please check in at reception, and Ange or Lindy will either take you down to one of the treatment rooms or ask you to wait on one of the chairs outside the clinic

✅ we always have and will continue to maintain high standards of hygiene in the practice. Tables are wiped between every patient and practitioners will either wash their hands or use antiseptic hand gel between each patient also. Reception area and door handles will be wiped regularly throughout the day

✅ our staff have not travelled nor have they knowingly been in contact with anyone who has travelled to high risk countries

✅ we have removed reading material, as well as kids colouring in and toys from the reception area and treatment rooms

✅ if you are at all concerned please call and talk to us, and stay home if you feel any of the symptoms. All our staff are in contact with a lot of people who come in through the clinic and it is important that they do not risk coming into contact with the virus. ** We will waive late cancellation fees for this period and can reschedule your appointments for another time**

✅ follow this link to the department of health website for the latest updates…/novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov-hea…

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